Gilbreth, Frank B., Jr.

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C. V. Terry

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"Held's Angels" is far more than an extended blurb to a grab-bag of nostalgic drawings by [John Held, Jr.]…. [The] words could stand alone as an accurate (if gently satiric) picture of life as it was lived in the Era of Wonderful Nonsense—at Midwestern University and elsewhere. In creating a full-dress portrait of the collegiate Twenties, Mr. Gilbreth has lost none of the gusto he exhibited in the accounts of his own maturing…. Once again, the fun is strictly off the cuff. But the emotion behind the patter is genuine….

All the museum props are here, from a time that often seems only a trifle less remote than gaslight. Yet Mr. Gilbreth makes them seem oddly (even poignantly) alive….

C. V. Terry, "A Girl, a Flask, and a Coonskin," in The New York Times Book Review (© 1952 by The New York Times Company; reprinted by permission), October 19, 1952, p. 10.

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