Giambattista Giraldi Cinthio Analysis

Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Giambattista Giraldi Cinthio is best known today for his critical theory on drama and epic and for his short-story collection Hecatommithi (1565), though in his time he was an important and influential playwright and theatrical producer as well. His Discorso intorno dei romanzi, delle commedie e delle tragedie e di altre maniere di poesia (1554) contains a treatise on epic and chivalric poetry, Discorso intorno al comporre dei romanzi (On Romances, 1968), and two treatises on theater, one on comedy and tragedy, Discorso intorno al comporre delle commedie e delle tragedie, and another on satyr plays, Discorso sopra il comporre le satire atte alla scena. He was probably the author of the anonymous Giuditio sopra la tragedia di Canace et Macario (1550), which attacked Sperone Speroni’s tragedy Canace (1542). He experimented in many other literary genres, writing Italian and Latin verse, an epic poem, and a manual of courtly deportment.