Ghosts Overview Quiz

How much do you know about Henrik Ibsen's play about people who revisit the same places? Take the Ghosts overview quiz to find out. Contains ten questions on "again walkers," or the ones who return.

  1. Who does Engstrand accuse of starting the fire at the orphanage?

  2. Where has Oswald promised to take Regina?

  3. What does Mrs. Alving plan to do regarding the burned-down orphanage?

  4. What is Jacob Engstrand planning to do with the money he has earned?

  5. What disease does Oswald likely have?

  6. How are Regina and Oswald related?

  7. What does Regina plan to do when she discovers she cannot marry Oswald?

  8. Who takes care of the ailing Oswald?

  9. Who is Regina's father?

  10. What relationship do Mrs. Alving and Pastor Manders try to stop?