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(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

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Ram, Malik. Mirza Ghalib. New Delhi, India: National Book Trust, 1968, 93 p.

A biography of Ghalib and an assessment of his poetry.

Rushaid, H. E. Yacoub A. "A Centenary Tribute." In Ghalib's Passion Flower—Consuming, Flower-Fresh, Heady, by Satya Deo Misra, pp. 71-79. New Delhi, India: S. D. Misra, 1969.

A tribute to Ghalib, with translations of his poetry, on the centenary of his death.

Varma, Pavan K. Ghalib: The Man, the Times. New Delhi, India: Viking, 1989, 224 p.

Paints a portrait of Ghalib the man and, through him, of the Delhi in which he lived.


Ahmad, Aijaz. "Ghalib: The Dew Drop on the Red Poppy." Mahfil V, No. 4 (1968-1969): 59-69.

Comprehensive examination of Ghalib's "The Dew Drop on the Red Poppy," including an introduction, notes, and translations.

Hasan, Muhammad. "Some Important Critics of Ghalib." Mahfil V, No. 4 (1968-1969): 31-43.

Discusses Ghalib's critics and their perceptions of his Urdu literature.

——. "Urdu: Ghalib Centenary Year." Indian Literature XIII, No. 4 (1970): 106-13.

A brief overview and assessment of the literary output on Ghalib and other poets and writers in the centenary year of his death.

Khan, Shujaatullah. "Ghalib: The Monarch of Urdu Poetry." Eastern Horizon VI, No. 1 (January 1967): 49-52.

Provides a brief overview of Ghalib's life, highlighting several ghazals.

Kumar, Ish. Ghalib and Iqbal. Chandigarh, India: Publication Bureau, Panjab University, 1988, 124 p.

Compares the work of Ghalib with another Urdu poet, Iqbal, as well as with some English poets.

Narang, G. C. "Ghalib and the Rebellion of 1857." Indian Literature XV, No. 1 (1972): 5-20.

Discusses Ghalib's thoughts and feelings about...

(The entire section is 387 words.)