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Last Updated on June 19, 2019, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 301

Here are some quotes from the play Getting Out:

  • "ARLENE: (Wheels around, won't this guy ever shut up?) Arlie girl landed herself in prison. Arlene is out, Ok? "(11). At the beginning of the play, Arlene informs Bennie that she is no longer the woman who served time—the woman she refers to as "Arlie" (who is a ghost-like figure in the play who wanders around the stage). Her name change symbolizes her attempt to change her way of life.
  • "ARLENE: And then if I have money, maybe they'd let me take Joey to the fair, buy him hotdogs an talk to him. Make sure he ain't fooling around. MOTHER: What makes you think he'd listen to you?" (26) Arlene wants to reconnect with her son, Joey, now that she is out of jail. Her mother continually undermines her and her attempt to live a new life.
  • "RUBY: It bounced! Make me feel a helluva lot better. I said, 'Ruby, if a gallon of milk can bounce back, so kin you.'" (48). Ruby, also an ex-con, describes how she became more hopeful after throwing a gallon of milk and seeing it bounce. The bounce symbolized to her the possibility of recovery and a new life.
  • "BENNIE (Unbuttoning his shirt.) That what you think this is, rape? ARLENE: I oughta know." (38). Bennie attempts to take advantage of Arlene, but she rebuffs him, and she reminds him that she has been accosted. Her words make him stop his advances. It is clear that Arlene can stand up for herself and demand respect.
  • "RUBY: But when you make your two nickels, you can keep both of em" (59). Ruby tries to talk Arlene out of going back to prostitution with Carl and reminds her that in a different kind of job, she can keep everything she makes.