Part 5, Chapter 4 Summary

The mob departs from the Jean-Bart mine and begins to move; by then, Lantier has again taken charge of the group. Jeanlin is in front, playing his horn, followed by rows of women, arms interlocked and carrying sticks. The men are next, a “disorderly herd” stretching wide into the distance. Levaque’s axe glints in the sunlight. Lantier is in the middle of the group and makes Chaval walk in front of him. Maheu “looks thunderous” and shoots threatening looks at his daughter Catherine; she is the only woman walking with the men, determined to prevent anyone from hurting her lover, Chaval.

It is noon and suddenly a cry for bread breaks out; the workers have been on strike for six weeks and are desperately hungry....

(The entire section is 804 words.)