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Gerhart Hauptmann was a versatile and prolific author who wrote in every genre. In addition to his plays, on which his reputation is chiefly based, he wrote novels and stories, epic and lyric poetry, and essays.

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Gerhart Hauptmann became immediately famous when his first play, Before Dawn, was produced in Berlin in 1889. In his later years, he became a national figure, as the celebrations organized for his later birthdays demonstrate. He was praised as the greatest German writer, reaching his peak during the Weimar Republic. His plays were not only popular with the intelligentsia but also had a wide appeal.

Outside Germany, Hauptmann is known primarily for his realistic plays. He was awarded the Grillparzer Prize three times, in 1896, 1899, and 1905, and he was nominated for the Schiller Prize (Kaiser Wilhelm II refused to grant it to him because of what he perceived to be the revolutionary nature of Hauptmann’s plays). Among the honorary doctorates that Hauptmann received were ones from Oxford in 1905, Leipzig in 1909, and Columbia University in 1932. In 1912, Hauptmann was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, followed in 1932 by the Goethe Prize—a sign of his solid international reputation.


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