Geraldo No Last Name

by Sandra Cisneros

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Do the sound effects in "Geraldo No Last Name" by Sandra Cisneros enhance or detract from the story?

Expert Answers

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In "Geraldo No Last Name," Cisneros uses sound devices to create dramatic effect.  For example, there is a "beating" rhythm in the line describing all the places that Marin goes to party: "Uptown. Logan. Embassy. Palmer. Aragon. Fontana."  The single-word lines mimic the rhythm of a drumbeat as the narrator lists the names.  Further, there is rhyme throughout the story: "Somebody she met that night.  That's right."  The rhyme creates a playful tone to suggest that the relationship between Marin and Geraldo was simply one that created for fun on that night of dancing and partying.  So the sound effects in the story do not detract from its meaning; on the contrary, the sound effects add to the story's power.

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