Gerald of Wales Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

Topographia Hibernica [The Irish Topography] (travel essay) c. 1188

Expugnatio Hibernica [The Conquest of Ireland] (history) c. 1188

Itinerarium Kambriae [Itinerary through Wales] (travel essay) c. 1191

Descriptio Kambriae [Description of Wales] (travel essay) c. 1194

Vita Sancti Davidis [Life of St. David] (biography) c. 1194

Vita Galfridi Archepiscopi Eboracensis [The Life of Archbishop Geoffrey of York] (biography) c. 1195

Gemma Ecclesiastica [The Jewel of the Church] (essay) c. 1197

Vita Sancti Remigii [Life of St. Rémi] (biography) c. 1198

De Rebus a se Gestis [The Autobiography of Giraldus Cambrensis] (autobiography) c. 1208

Vita Sancti Hugonis [Life of St. Hugh] (biography) c. 1213

De Invectionibus [Invectives] (essay) c. 1216

Speculum Duorum [A Mirror of Two Men] (essay) c. 1216

De Jure et Statu Menevensis Ecclesiae [The Rights and Status of St. David's] (essay) c. 1218

De Principis Instructione [On the Instruction of a Prince] (essay) c. 1218

Speculum Ecclesiae [Mirror of the Church] (essay) c. 1220

The Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales and The Description of Wales [translated by Richard Colt Hoare] 1908

The Journey through Wales and The Description of Wales [translated by Lewis Thorpe] 1978

The History and Topography of Ireland [translated by John J. O'Meara] 1982

The Life of St. Hugh of Avalon: Bishop of Lincoln 1186-1200 and The Description of Wales [translated by Richard M. Loomis] 1985

I, Giraldus: The Autobiography of Giraldus Cambrensis (1145-1223) [translated by H. E. Butler with Anne Rutherford] 2002