Georges Simenon World Literature Analysis - Essay

Georges Simenon World Literature Analysis

(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

Paris in the early 1920’s was one of the world’s cultural centers, the beacon for free thinkers, young artists, writers, and performers. It was inevitable that a man of Simenon’s talents would be drawn to the City of Light. While working in Paris, writing under his favorite pseudonym, Georges Sim, he was repeatedly rejected by Colette, the noted French author and editor of Le Matin. After several unsuccessful attempts, she called him in for a consultation. She told him his writing was “much too literary.” This criticism, along with his experience as a journalist, led Simenon to look at his work more critically and to pare his work so that every word of every sentence performed some necessary role. In 1923, Tigy...

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