Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Georges Bernanos (behr-NAH-nohs) wrote one play, Dialogues des Carmélites (1949; The Fearless Heart, 1952), which he intended to be a film scenario. His short stories include “Madame Dargent,” which appeared in 1922; “Une Nuit” (a night), in 1928; and “Dialogue d’ombres” (dialogue of shadows), in 1928. This last short story lends its title to a collection of Bernanos’s short fiction, published in 1955. His hagiographical works include Saint Dominique (1926), Jeanne, relapse et sainte (1929; Sanctity Will Out, 1947), and Frère Martin: Essai sur Luther (1951; Brother Martin, 1952).

Bernanos wrote many essays and political articles, which are available in the following collections: Le Crépuscule des vieux (1956; the twilight of the aged), containing essays from 1909 to 1939, and Français, si vous saviez (1961; Frenchmen, if you knew), containing essays from 1945 to 1948. Although there is no complete collection of his correspondence, the most important letters are found in Georges Bernanos: Essais et témoignages (1949) and in many issues of Bulletin de la Société des amis de Georges Bernanos. A six-volume edition of his works, uvres de Bernanos, was published in 1947. His fiction is collected in uvres romanesques, suivies de “Dialogues des Carmélites” (1961).