George Washington's Socks

by Elvira Woodruff

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Who is the drummer in George Washington's army in George Washington's Socks?

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The drummer in George Washington's army in George Washington's Socks is Henry Schudder.

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In George Washington's Socks, the characters of Matt, Tony, Q, Hooter, and Katie are transported back in time to the eighteenth century. They meet several characters, including George Washington himself. Henry Schudder is the drummer in George Washington's regiment whom the children meet as they explore the United States during the Revolutionary War. The timing is especially important because Henry is wearing a red coat the first time that the children meet him, which obviously sparks the thought of him being British. The children learn that it was common for drummers to wear contrasting colors to the people they were with to distinguish them during the fighting.

Henry is characterized as a wise, caring, and helpful boy, despite only being thirteen years old. Henry explains to the children the role that the Hessians have in the war and tells them that they are greedy. Later in the story, Henry provides Matt with strips of cloth to try to help his freezing fingers. He also asks a farmer to look after Israel and Matt when they are both wounded.

Although Henry's role is fairly minor in the novel, he adds a sense of relatability to the children because he is so close to their own ages, thereby making the horrors of the war all the more palpable to them.

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