George Washington's Socks

by Elvira Woodruff

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What events occur in chapter 12 of George Washington's Socks?

Expert Answers

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At the beginning of chapter 12, Matt is marching in the middle of a storm. He says he can't remember the last time he was out in or experienced such heavy rain. His nose is running and his body is hurting due to the cold. His friend Israeli, dressed in rags, is even worse off and keep breaking into fits of coughing.

Finally, after "what seemed like hours," they are ordered to stop so the officers can have a meeting. Matt can overhear them laying out a plan to divide the soldiers into two divisions and attack the enemy in Trenton from both sides. "His excellency," they say, "is determined that our destiny be decided this night."

Israel is worried because he had heard the Hessians in Trenton "are as tall as three men." Another soldier agrees, saying, "They're sent straight from hell." Israel explains that the Hessians are mercenaries who "don't care who their victims are, just as there is gold in their pockets."

Matt waits for the forthcoming battle filled with fear. He knows the rebels won the Battle of Trenton. He just doesn't know how many were killed.

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