George Washington's Socks

by Elvira Woodruff

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What are Matthew Carlton's character traits in George Washington's Socks?

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Matthew Carlton in George Washington's Socks is a compassionate and courageous boy. He is protective of his friends and family and supportive of those in need. For example, consider how he gives Israel his shoe and sits with him throughout the night. However, like any ten-year-old, Matt is also a bit impulsive and does not always think through the consequences of his actions.

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A character trait is a characteristic of a character’s behavior. Reflecting on a character’s actions can help a reader determine that character’s traits.

For example, at the beginning of George Washington’s Socks, ten-year-old Matthew Carlton is eating dinner with his family. He knows he must finish eating his peas in order to leave the table, but he does not want to eat them. He impulsively hides the peas in the sugar bowl. This tells the reader that Matt tends to act without thinking about the consequences of his actions.

The way Matt hides the peas in order to leave the table also shows how eager he is to go on the campout with his friends. His excitement about leaving tells the reader that Matt is an enthusiastic boy who is passionate about adventure.

Matt is also a compassionate young boy. For example, consider his great concern when his sister Katie falls into the water or how he gives Israel his shoe for free. Matt shows courage, bravery, and strength during his adventure, and he often prioritizes the needs of his friends and family above his own. As his dad reflects at the end, Matt is growing into a responsible and mature young man.

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