George Washington's Socks

by Elvira Woodruff

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In George Washington's Socks, why do Matt and his friends travel back to the Revolutionary War?

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Matt and his friends travel back to the Revolutionary War because they want to have an adventure, and they were reading about the war in a history book. His sister, Katie, provides the impetus for the adventure, on which they embark via a magical rowboat.

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Matt and his friends Tony, Q, and Hooter, as well as Matt’s younger sister, Katie, travel through time and space to join General George Washington’s forces at the Delaware River. As members of an adventure club, the ten-year-old boys camp out in their backyards and read about historical events that they consider adventurous. Although Katie, who is only seven years old, is not a member of the club, one night Matt decides to let her participate in the sleepover and campout with his friends. One of the main reasons they go on an actual adventure is because of Katie’s complaint. She does not consider their campout to be an adventure and hopes for more excitement.

A reason that they specifically travel to the American Revolution is because of what they were reading. Matt especially enjoys a book titled Great Adventures in History, and the night that Katie joins them, they had been reading a chapter on George Washington’s victory at Trenton, New Jersey. The children imagine the harsh winter conditions in the Revolutionaries’ camp on the Delaware River.

Matt convinces the group that the more extreme adventure that Katie desires should be a night-time walk to a nearby lake. During this walk, after Tony relates a family legend about a mysterious magic rowboat, it suddenly appears. After they climb in and row around, Katie falls out. The fantastic apparition who rescues her turns out to be General Washington, and the children realize they have been transported to his camp.

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Why do Matt and his friends travel back to the Revolutionary War in George Washington's Socks?

Matt and his friends end up in colonial America during the Revolutionary War by accident rather than by design. The last thing the youngsters could possibly imagine is being magically transported back in time to a whole different world.

And yet that is precisely what happens one chilly night when a three-quarter moon glitters and gleams in the sky as the kids are camping out by Lake Levart. According to local legend, as related by Tony, when there's a three-quarter moon in the sky, an enchanted rowboat magically appears upon the lake from nowhere and takes people off on marvelous adventures.

One of the kids in the group, Katie, goes missing, but she is soon found by the others, who see her standing at the edge of the lake smiling at a mysterious rowboat as it approaches her. It turns out that this is indeed the enchanted rowboat of legend, as mentioned earlier by Tony, and it is ready to take the children on what will be the adventure of a lifetime.

As the others approach the rowboat, all their fears and apprehensions suddenly melt away. They board the rowboat without the slightest hesitation, and before long, they're on their way back into the past, to colonial America during the Revolutionary War.

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