George Washington's Socks

by Elvira Woodruff

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Do the children get lost in Elvira Woodruff's novel George Washington's Socks?

Expert Answers

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In Elvira Woodruff's young reader's novel George Washington's Socks, kids--Matt, Katie, Tony, Q, and Hooter--are whisked away in a rowboat on a time traveling adventure. They are brought to the Delaware River in 1776, where they meet General George Washington, who is heading off to fight the battle of Trenton. Prior to the meeting, the youngest, Katie, had fallen off of the boat into the icy waters. Washington had wrapped her up in his cloak and taken all of the kids to a farm where they will be safe. However, it dawns on protagonist Matt that Washington will need his cloak in order to survive the storm during the battle and rushes off to find him.

On his journey to find Washington, he winds up being mistaken for a soldier and joining the army. While Matt is still away, the other kids go looking for him. The snow storm is so bad that they get lost. They also get so exhausted that they stop to rest and inadvertently fall asleep. Luckily, some Indian boys discover the lost children and rescue them. Hooter relays their rescue in the following passage:

They saved our lives ... They really know how to live in the woods. They made a fire and gave us something to eat. (p. 106)

Hence, while the other characters are looking for Matt, they do indeed get lost in the snow storm and need to be rescued by Indians.

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