George Tabori Other Literary Forms

Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Although George Tabori gained the greater part of his fame in the United States as the writer of award-winning dramatic screenplays, he originally was lauded (particularly in European literary circles) as the writer of such critically acclaimed novels as Original Sin (1947). Tabori’s novels Beneath the Stone (1945) and The Caravan Passes (1951), for example, preceded his earliest drama, Flight into Egypt (1952), and deal almost exclusively with the philosophical contemplation of evil. On the other hand, later novels such as The Journey: A Confession (1958) and the memoir My Mother’s Courage (1979) tend to focus on personal issues such as love and family in the face of inhumanity. Tabori’s plays were the primary focus of his career, although such works as Frohes Fest (1981), for which he both wrote the screenplay and directed the film, show his extensive range beyond the theatrical drama.