George Szirtes Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Poetry Criticism)

Poems 1972

The Iron Clouds 1975

Visitors 1976

A Mandeville Troika [with Neil Power and Peter Scupham] 1977

An Illustrated Alphabet 1978

Poetry Introduction 4 [with others] 1978

At the Sink 1978

Silver Age 1979

The Slant Door 1979

Sermon on a Ship 1980

Homage to Cheval 1981

November and May 1981

The Kissing Place 1982

Short Wave 1984

The Photographer in Winter 1986

Metro 1988

Bridge Passages 1991

Blind Field 1994

Selected Poems 1996

Portrait of my Father in an English Landscape 1998

The Budapest File 2000

An English Apocalypse 2001

A Starwheel Portfolio, The Transparent Room, Strict Seasons, Spring Offensive, Cloud Station, States of Undress [editor, 6 vols.] (verse and etching portfolios) 1978-84

Imre Madách: The Tragedy of Man [translator] (play) 1989

Sándor Csóri: Barbarian Prayer [translator] (poetry) 1989

István Vas: Through the Smoke [translator] (poetry) 1989

Dezsō Kosztolányi: Anna Édes [translator] (novel) 1991

Ottó Orbán: The Blood of the Walsungs [translator] (poetry) 1993

Zsuzsa Rakovszky: New Life [translator] (poetry) 1994

The Collected Poems of Freda Downie (poetry) 1995

The Colonnade of Teeth: Twentieth Century Hungarian Poetry [co-editor and translator] (poetry) 1996

The Red All Over Riddle Book (children's book) 1997

The Lost Rider: Hungarian Poetry 16-20th Century [editor and translator] (poetry) 1998

Gyula Krúdy: The Adventures of Sindbad [translator] (short stories) 1999

Lászlo Krasznahorkai: The Melancholy of Resistance Novel [translator] (novel) 2000

Exercise of Power: The art of Ana Maria Pacheco (biography) 2001

New Writing 10 [editor, with Penelope Lively] (anthology) 2001

The Night of Akhenaton: Selected Poems of Ágnes Nemes Nagy [translator] (poetry) 2003