George Shaw Bernard Criticism: Man And Superman (1905) - Essay

Daniel J. Leary (essay date February 1963)

(Drama Criticism)

SOURCE: Leary, Daniel J. “Shaw's Use of Stylized Characters and Speech in Man and Superman.Modern Drama 5, no. 4 (February 1963): 477-90.

[In the following essay, Leary explores the vitality of the characters and speeches in Man and Superman.]

In discussing the dramatic effectiveness of puppets, Shaw wrote:

I always hold up the wooden actors as instructive object-lessons to our flesh-and-blood players. … The puppet is the actor in his primitive form. Its symbolic costume, from which all realistic and historically correct impertinences are banished, its unchanging stare, petrified (or rather lignified) in a grimace...

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Michael Solomonson (essay date 1996)

(Drama Criticism)

SOURCE: Solomonson, Michael. “Man and Superman: The Shavianizing of Friedrich Nietzsche.” Independent Shavian 34, no. 3 (1996): 54-59.

[In the following essay, Solomonson investigates the influence of Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy on Man and Superman.]

Scholars often suggest a link between the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche and that of Bernard Shaw. In particular, Shaw's Man and Superman is cited as an example of Nietzsche's influence upon the playwright. In his preface to the play, Shaw identified Nietzsche as being “among the writers whose peculiar sense of the world I recognize as more or less akin to my own” (Prefaces 162). Shaw...

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