George Sand Other literary forms

Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)
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George Sand, who was famous during her lifetime primarily as a novelist, earned a living for many years as a journalist. Some of her essays on art, literature, politics, and social questions are collected in two posthumous volumes, Questions d’art et de littérature (1878) and Questions politiques et sociales (1879). Her twenty-volume autobiography, Histoire de ma vie (1854-1855; History of My Life, 1901), is considered by some to be her masterpiece. Georges Lubin produced an excellent annotated edition of this work and other autobiographical writings for Gallimard in 1970. Other important nonfictional works include Lettres d’un voyageur (1837; Letters of a Traveller, 1847), Lettres à Marcie (1837), and Un Hiver à Majorque (1841; Winter in Majorca, 1956). Sand’s plays were published in five volumes in 1877. She wrote more than nineteen thousand letters and was called by André Maurois “the best French epistolary writer.” From 1964 onward, Lubin devoted himself to a new multivolume edition of Sand’s letters, many of which were previously unpublished or had been published only in truncated form. The twenty-sixth and final volume of that series was published in 1995.