George Roy Hill Andrew Sarris - Essay

Andrew Sarris

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

First, the good news: Slap Shot is the funniest hockey movie since Walt Disney's Hockey Homicide with Goofy at his meanest and most murderous. For a change, the female leads … are given parts with zing and feeling, and men hunger after them. A marvelous trio of moronic zanies … come on like the Marx Brothers, though mostly Chico, and the production zips along with unflagging pace. So far, so good. Why then do I remain uneasy enough to keep all my critical options open? Perhaps I find something fundamentally hypocritical in the way that director George Roy Hill and scenarist Nancy Dowd poke fun at hockey macho in a movie that is itself raunchy and violent, which is to say that Hill and Dowd are not...

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