Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

George Peele’s work in other literary forms consists mostly of occasional pieces celebrating public or patriotic events. Somewhat related to his dramatic works are three of the Lord Mayor of London’s annual pageants: The Device of the Pageant Borne Before Woolstone Dixi, of 1585; the pageant of 1588 (now lost); and Descensus Astraeae, of 1591. “A Farewell,” a short poem published in 1589, applauds an English naval expedition setting out to destroy the Spanish forces. Longer occasional poems, with their dates of publication, are An Eclogue Gratulatory (1589), celebrating the Earl of Essex’s safe return from the same ill-fated naval expedition; Polyhymnia (1590), written for the Queen’s Accession Day, November 17, 1590; The Honour of the Garter (1593), marking the Earl of Northumberland’s induction into the Knights of the Garter; and Anglorum Feriae (printed transcript, c. 1830), written for the Queen’s Accession Day, November 17, 1595. Miscellaneous pieces are the short poems “Lines to Watson” (1582) and “The Praise of Chastity” (1593) and the long poem A Tale of Troy (1589; revised as The Tale of Troy, 1604), a narrative summary.