Other literary forms

(British and Irish Poetry, Revised Edition)

In addition to his numerous volumes of poetry, George MacBeth published poetry pamphlets, chapbooks, and limited-edition books. Many of these, initially published in small editions, became parts of larger books and have thus been incorporated into the mainstream of MacBeth’s work. MacBeth also published children’s books, novels, plays, and an autobiography, and he edited several volumes of poetry.

The sheer volume of MacBeth’s production reveals his almost obsessive dedication to writing and the breadth of his interests. Among his publications other than poetry, the autobiography My Scotland (1973) probably holds the greatest interest for the reader of his poetry because of what it reveals about MacBeth’s background and development. MacBeth himself described the book as a nonlogical, nonnarrative, massive jigsaw of autobiographical bits, a collection of about two hundred short prose pieces about being Scottish.