George. Kaufman S Criticism: Fancy Meeting You Again - Essay

Criticism: Fancy Meeting You Again

(Drama Criticism)

SOURCE: Nathan, George Jean. “George S. Kaufman.” In The Theatre in the Fifties, pp. 67-69. Alfred A. Knopf, 1953.

[In the following review, Nathan dismisses Fancy Meeting You Again, a play about reincarnation which Kaufman co-wrote with his wife, Leueen MacGrath.]

George S. Kaufman's Fancy Meeting You Again, in which his wife, Leueen MacGrath had a hand, deals with reincarnation, a subject that in one form or another was very appetizing to audiences in the early years of the present century. It was in that period that plays like The Road to Yesterday, written by a pair of elderly New England ladies who apparently believed quite seriously in...

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