George Gascoigne Poetry: British Analysis - Essay

George Gascoigne Poetry: British Analysis

(British and Irish Poetry, Revised Edition)

Linked to the pattern of reformed prodigality that shaped the poet’s life, two personas are often reflected in George Gascoigne’s writings, one a young courtier and the other a newly reformed moralist, “a man of middle-yeares, who hath to his cost experimented the vanities of youth, and to his perill passed them: who hath bought repentence deare, and yet gone through with the bargaine.” The brash, witty young writer of society verse is interesting in comparison with and contrast to other Elizabethans writing in Italianate modes of amatory poetry. In the best poems, the middle-aged moralistic persona is interesting, too. Gascoigne made a lifelong profound study of his “master,” Geoffrey Chaucer (as he calls him in...

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