Other literary forms

(British and Irish Poetry, Revised Edition)

Little has survived of the nonverse writings of George Crabbe (krab). Extant are critical prose prefaces to various of his published verse collections, a treatise on “The Natural History of the Vale of Belvoir” that appeared in 1795, an autobiographical sketch published anonymously in The New Monthly Magazine in 1816, a selection of his sermons published posthumously in 1850, and certain of his letters, journals, and notebook entries that have been published in varying formats throughout the years since his death. With the exception of several of the critical prefaces, particularly that which accompanies Tales in Verse, and portions of the letters and journal entries, these do not shed significant light on Crabbe’s poetic accomplishments. In 1801-1802, Crabbe is known to have written and subsequently burned three novels and an extensive prose treatise on botany.