George Colman the Elder Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

The Connoisseur, nos. 1-140 [editor; with Bonnell Thornton] (magazine) 1754-56

Poems by Eminent Ladies. Particularly, Mrs. Brother, Mrs. Behn, Miss Carter, Lady Chudleigh, Mrs. Cockburn, Mrs. Grierson, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Killigrew, Mrs. Leapor, Mrs. Madan, Mrs. Masters, Lady M. W. Montague, Mrs. Monk, Duchess of Newcastle, Mrs. K. Philips, Mrs. Pilkington, Mrs. Rowe, Lady Winchelsea. 2 vols. [editor; with Bonnell Thornton] (poetry) 1755

A Letter of Abuse to D—-d G——k, Esq. (pamphlet) 1757

Polly Honeycombe (play) 1760

Two Odes [with Robert Lloyd] (poetry) 1760

Critical Reflections on the Old English Dramatick Writers; Intended as a Preface to the Works of Massinger, Addressed to David Garrick (essay) 1761

The Jealous Wife (play) 1761

The Musical Lady (play) 1762

The Deuce is in Him (play) 1763

A Midsummer Night's Dream [adaptor; with David Garrick; from the play A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare] (play) 1763; revised as A Fairy Tale, 1763

Philaster [adaptor; from a play by Francis Beaumont and John Flectcher] (play) 1763

The Comedies of Terence, Translated into Familiar Blank Verse [translator] (plays) 1765

The Clandestine Marriage [with David Garrick] (play) 1766

The English Merchant [adaptor; from the play L'Ecossaise by Voltaire] (play) 1767

The Oxomian in Town (play) 1767

King Lear [adaptor; from the play King Lear by William Shakespeare] (play) 1768

Man and Wife; or, The Shakespeare Jubilee (play) 1769

Mother Shipton; or, The Harlequin Gladiator (play) 1770


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