Topics for Further Study

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Rewrite an existing geometric proof, explaining all of the steps in the proof in your own words.

Dove has said in interviews that poetry is the meeting of words and music. Explore the relationship between music and geometry and explain it in a poem.

Research the ways in which butterflies have changed and relocated in the past thirty or forty years to adapt to the growth of the human population. Report on their fate: Are they becoming extinct or “going to some point true and unproven”?

Of all flowers, Rita Dove chose to note that it was “the scent of carnations” that disappeared when the theorem was proven. What are the associations that people have with carnations?

Talk to a florist and then make a chart of the characteristics of carnations that might be ruined by excessive logic.

Find an event that occurs in everyday life that you find mysterious and develop your own theorem to explain it. Try to follow the form of a mathematical proof in your explanation.

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