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Bernstein, Richard. “Jazz's Dark Forces and the Artists Who Love Them.” New York Times (20 March 1996): C20.

Bernstein offers an overview of Dyer's inspirations for But Beautiful, and calls the book “marvelously literate.”

Eder, Richard. “Old Bliss, in a New Arrondissement.” New York Times (2 June 1999): E8.

Eder offers a mixed assessment of Paris Trance, giving praise to the novel's comedy, but criticizing the work's awkward narrative voice.

Kirn, Walter. “Lost Generation X.” New York (9 August 1999): 50–51.

Kirn offers a negative assessment of Paris Trance, stating that the novel is too derivative of the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Lehmann-Haupt, Christopher. Review of Out Of Sheer Rage, by Geoff Dyer. New York Times (20 April 1998): E8.

Lehmann-Haupt offers a positive assessment of Out of Sheer Rage.

MacFaul, Tom. “Pastoral Postures.” Times Literary Supplement (1 May 1998): 23.

MacFaul offers a mixed assessment of Paris Trance.

Mason, Kelly Murphy. “By Lawrence Obsessed.” Washington Post Book World (6 September 1998): 6.

Mason offers a positive assessment of Out of Sheer Rage.

Mendelsohn, Daniel. “City of Lightheadedness.” New York Times Book Review (11 July 1999): 7.

Mendelsohn offers a mixed assessment of Paris Trance, noting that fans of Dyer's will find that “this relative failure is, in its way, entrancing.”

Additional coverage of Dyer's life and career is contained in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Contemporary Authors, Vol. 125; Contemporary Authors New Revision Series, Vol. 88; and Literature Resource Center.

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