Gatsby's Vineyard Summary

Gatsby’s Vineyard

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Sandra Autry, Fiddler’s old friend and former flame, finds herself in trouble. She could lose the family vineyard--a hundred and forty acres known as Deep Purple--land that has produced one of the best cabernets in the world. Private investigator Fiddler is not going to let the vineyard slip out of her hands if he has anything to say about it.

He and his former wife, and current lover, Fiora--a financial wizard -- drive from Southern California up to the fertile wine country. In so doing, they encounter jealous competitors, hired thugs, and a variety of other characters looking to make a name for themselves at the expense of Sandra Autry. The clues lead to a land developer who could destroy the wine industry in the valley permanently. Before Fiddler can put a stop to the panic, one murder takes place and his own life is put in jeopardy.

A.E. Maxwell pulls the reader along with intrigue and action. Fiddler is one tough and caring individual. He pushes to the edge for a just cause. This leaves those who care for him very uneasy, and those who cross him very sorry they took him on. The author keeps building the tension, and the treacherous episodes leave the reader gasping--no one should be able to put down the novel until the action-packed ending. The author has delivered a hard-hitting thriller and given the reader a very strong character in whom to place faith for now and, one hopes, for many more thrillers to come.