Garry Marshall John J. O'Connor - Essay

John J. O'Connor

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

["Laverne and Shirley"] did not enter ratings combat unarmed. It had a secret weapon called Fonzarelli, more commonly known as "The Fonz." In the beginning, only a couple of seasons ago, there was "Happy Days"…. [In] TV's case, 1950's nostalgia was fastened to a group of youthful characters in Milwaukee. The focus was put on Richie Cunningham … and his typical American family, not too far removed from the Henry Aldrich syndrome. Outside of the Cunningham home, though, Richie was allowed to cavort at the local drive-in restaurant with his friends. One, the distinct outsider in Richie's clean-cut world, turned out to be Arthur Fonzarelli …, a garage mechanic with a tough swagger and the required heart of gold. The...

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