Discussion Topics

(Masterpieces of American Literature)

Is the comparison of Garrison Keillor to Mark Twain warranted?

What structural differences exist between Lake Wobegon Days and Keillor’s later novels?

Keillor has published books of sketches and short stories, in addition to several novels. In which genre is he more effective?

Is Keillor’s satire Horatian (mild, gentle) or Juvenalian (harsh, biting)? Would some other term better describe it?

Keillor’s later works have many more sexual scenes and references than do his first books. Have these strengthened, weakened, or had little discernible effect upon the quality of his writing?

Keillor’s writing has become increasingly political. Has his partisanship had a positive, a negative, or a negligible effect upon the quality of his humor?

Some critics have characterized Keillor’s comedy as having “midwestern roots.” What, if anything, is uniquely midwestern about his humor?