Games at Twilight

by Anita Desai

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Student Question

Which colors are mentioned in "Games at Twilight" by Anita Desai and what do they describe?

Expert Answers

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The color red is mentioned in the story's opening paragraph.  It is being used to describe the children's faces.  The first sentence of the story tells readers that the day has been really hot.  It's been too hot to play outside, so the children have been cooped up inside all day.  They are straining with effort to get outside.  Their effort, combined with the heat, gives them red faces.  Red is also used to describe the color of the gravel rocks that mark the garden paths.  

White is mentioned a few paragraphs later.  It is used to describe the walls of the veranda as they shine in the bright sunlight.  

Purple and magenta are the two colors that are named to describe the bougainvillea plant and the color of the shade that it casts.  

White and purple are used to describe the eyes and eye sockets of the dog.  

White is again used to describe the color of the sky.  I'm not sure what that actually looks like, but that is what the story says.  

Then, perhaps roused by the shrieks of the children, a band of parrots suddenly fell out of the eucalyptus tree, tumbled frantically in the still, sizzling air, then sorted themselves out into battle formation and streaked away across the white sky.

Some of the kids are wearing white shorts with red sandals. 

The shed that Ravi hides in has a big green door. 

Yellow is used to describe the condition of the grass and the pollen in the air. 

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