Gabriel Harvey Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

Ode natalitia, vel opus eius, quae S. Stephani protomartyris nomine celbrata ets. In memoriam P. Rami (poetry) 1575

Gabrielis Harueii Ciceronianus, vel oratio habita Catabrigiae (lecture) 1577

Gabrielis Harueii gratulationum Valdinensium libri quatuor (poetry) 1578

Gabrielis Harueii rhetor, vel duorum dierum oratio (lecture) 1578

Gabrielis Harueii Valdinatis; Smithus, vel musarum lachrymae; pro obitu T. Smithi, equitis (poetry) 1578

*Three Proper, and Wittie, Familiar Letters [with Edmund Spenser] (correspondence) 1580

*Two Other, Very Commendable Letters of the Same Men's Writing, Both Touching the Aforesaid Artificial Versifying and Certain Other Particulars, More Lately Delivered unto the Printer [with Edmund Spenser] (correspondence) 1580

Three letters, and Certaine Sonnets: Especially Touching Robert Greene (correspondence and poetry) 1592

A New Letter of Notable Contents. With a Straunge Sonet, Intituled Gorgon (correspondence and poetry) 1593

Pierce's Supererogation or a New Prayse of the Old Asse (pamphlet) 1593

Letter-Book of Gabriel Harvey, A.D. 1737-1580 [edited by Edward John Long Scott] (correspondence) 1884

The Works of Gabriel Harvey, D.C.L. 3 vols. [edited by Alexander B. Grosart] (correspondence, poetry, and lectures) 1884

Gabriel Harvey's Marginalia [edited by G. C. Moore Smith] (criticism) 1913

Four Letters and Certain Sonnets [edited by G. B. Harrison] (correspondence and poetry) 1922

Ciceronianus [translated by Clarence A. Forbes] (lecture) 1945

*These two works were published together in a single volume.

†This work was republished later the same year as Foure letters, and Certaine Sonnets.