The Future Los Angeles Series Analysis

K. W. Jeter

The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

In Dr. Adder, a stranger offers E. Allen Limmit the chance to escape his empty life as keeper of the company brothel at the Phoenix Egg Laying Ranch. All he has to do is deliver a suitcase to Los Angeles. Limmit agrees. He is taken to the Interface, a street that separates the privileged Orange County citizens from the denizens of Rattown, the slums of the former Los Angeles. Limmit is amazed to find men pimping amputee prostitutes, most of whom were created by Dr. Adder, the man Limmit was sent to find.

Limmit wanders the Interface, trying to find Dr. Adder. He meets Droit, an information broker. Droit leads him to Adder, behind iron gates at the head of the Interface. Limmit offers Adder the contents of the suitcase—a “flashglove”, a cybernetic attachment and weapon created by Limmits father, Lester Gass. Adder buys the glove and offers Limmit a job. Limmit accepts.

That night, John Mox, Adders archenemy, orders his Moral Forces to destroy the Interface. The Moral Forces kill most of the inhabitants of the Interface, but Limmit escapes. Adder escapes as well and has the flashglove attached to his arm. He later is betrayed by a confidante to the Moral Forces. They take him back to the Interface and beat him nearly to death. Adders subconscious mind activates the flashglove, and he slaughters all the Moral Forces. He then collapses, near death.

After the raid, Limmit is without purpose until the strange, and sometimes oracular, KCID tells him to go underground and seek out the Visitor. Limmit finds out from Droit that the Visitor is reported to be an alien entity. Droit provides Limmit with a guide, and Limmit heads into the sewer system of Los Angeles.

Limmits guide eventually turns on him, and he is captured by the Society of the Prodigal Son, the SPS, a group of fathers from Orange County who capture runaways and take them back to Orange County. They take Limmit to Orange County, where he sees the jaded youth and corrupt center of the supposedly affluent residents. Limmit discovers that the SPS is cannibalistic. He escapes and goes back to the sewers.

He eventually finds the Visitor, but the creature is dying and has nothing to offer Limmit. Limmit returns to Los Angeles to find Adder alive. Adder asks for his help in a final...

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