The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

The Fury combines horror and science fiction with the conventions of the suspense-thriller genre. Teenagers with psychic powers become pawns in power struggles carried out at the highest levels of government, meanwhile causing rampant destruction to those around them.

Fourteen-year-old Gillian Bellaver, daughter of an incredibly wealthy and socially prominent family, has a vision of a murdered man while ice skating, and she faints. A virulent case of flu causes her to be hospitalized, and high fever brings her latent psychic abilities to the surface. By touching someone, Gillian becomes able to see events in that persons past and future. An unpredictable and uncontrollable side effect is that people exposed to her psychic energy may bleed, as Gillian discovers when two women, one a surgical patient, the other a hypertension case, suddenly bleed to death while in her presence.

Gillian has a psychic twin, a boy named Robin Sandza, whose psychic powers are even more advanced than hers. Although they are not related, they are supernaturally connected, having “visited” each other in the astral plane during childhood, before Gillian lost touch with her paranormal gifts. Having been told that his father, Peter, is dead, Robin is essentially kidnapped by the secret agents of MORG, a shadowy and dangerous government agency. First taken to the Paragon Institute, a psychic testing facility, and then to MORGs heavily guarded Psi Faculty,...

(The entire section is 527 words.)