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Funny in Farsi is a memoir written by Firoozeh Dumas in which she relates her experiences growing up and adjusting to life in the United States. There are several themes to consider throughout the novel.

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One is the role of women in society. Dumas comments on the role of women in Iranian culture by using her mother as an example. Despite being intelligent, Nazireh gets married and becomes a mother at the age of seventeen. In general, Iranian society revolves more around women getting married and having children than achieving other dreams and getting an education. This contradicts the role of women that Dumas sees in the United States, and she goes beyond expectations to get an education, learn English, and marry a man who is not Iranian.

Another theme is the importance of family. Dumas migrates to the United States with her immediate family, and they play a significant role in her life. In general, the memoir gives the impression that Iranian culture places a greater emphasis on family and blood ties than American culture. Family plays an important role in Dumas's life, as both her immediate and extended family provide financial, emotional, and mental support as she adjusts to her new life.

A third theme of the book is prejudice. There are several examples in the memoir where the idea of prejudice is considered, such as how Dumas is treated by some of her classmates and how Kazem loses his job after the Iranian Revolution and is unable to find a new one. Despite all this, Dumas's love for both Iran and the US does not change.

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