(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

César Ursino

César Ursino (SEH-sahr ewr-SEE-noh), a fugitive from justice. Preparing to marry Flérida Colona, he is also having assignations with a veiled lady who has fired his imagination. She is Lisarda. A series of adventures involving mistaken identities follows and ends in César’s marriage to Flérida.


Lisarda (lee-SAHR-dah), the daughter of Juan de Aragón. Veiled, she has been meeting César Ursino, the fiancé of Flérida Colona. Finally, following a succession of adventures during which a mistaken identity threatens her reputation, she is compelled, to save her honor, to give up César to Flérida and to marry Don Juan.

Flérida Colona

Flérida Colona (FLAY-ree-dah koh-LOH-nah), who is loved by César Ursino and finally becomes his bride after a series of complications brought about by his attraction to the veiled Lisarda.

Don Juan

Don Juan, César Ursino’s friend and the suitor with whom Lisarda must be satisfied when César is paired off with Flérida Colona.


Camacho (kah-MAH-choh), César Ursino’s servant, who marries Celia.


Celia (THAY-lyah), Lisarda’s servant and Camacho’s bride.

Juan de Aragón

Juan de Aragón, the governor of Gaeta.