Frindle Quiz

Nick is a precocious young man who sparks an event that will help to reshape his mischievous nature. The questions below are based on the book Frindle and can help you prepare for additional tests.

  1. After Nick changes, before he engages in a trick, he begins to _____________________.

  2. Nick begins to explore word use and origins after reading the introduction in a _________________.

  3. Nick decides to create a new name for a ________________.

  4. What two thing happened to Nick in junior college?

  5. Mrs. Granger believes that Nick will ______________________.

  6. What question does Nick use to try and trick Mrs. Granger?

  7. Nick believes that his fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Avery, looks like a__________.

  8. Mrs. Granger taught Nick in the ____________ grade.

  9. What does Nick soon have everyone in his class doing?

  10. Nick renames the pen as a _______________.

  11. Nick is known in his school as a_____________.

  12. On what television shows does Nick appear?

  13. When is the first time Nick begins to calls the pen by his new name for it?

  14. After reading Mrs. Granger's letter, Nick realizes that she had _______________.

  15. Did Nick totally change after the incident with renaming the pen?

  16. Nick begins to experience internal change, and as a result his ideas began to _________ him.

  17. When Nick runs into Janet, he accidentally knocks her _______________ out of her hand.

  18. What is the rule in Nick's house about homework from September to June?

  19. Mrs. Granger is known for her love of__________.

  20. Mrs. Granger has something for Nick in an envelope.  What is it?

  21. Nick's antics in the classroom _________________ the other students.

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