What three events lead to Nick's big idea in Frindle?

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Nick is one of Mrs. Granger’s more difficult students in seventh grade language arts class. He’s smart and creative but he gets into trouble in class. One important event occurs when Nick disrupts class and asks his teacher a question about the names of the words in the dictionary. Mrs. Granger then assigns him an oral report on the exact subject, which Nick makes extra long to take up most of the class period.

By this time, Mrs. Granger is frustrated with Nick’s consistent troublemaking behavior. The second event, or rebellious act by Nick, occurs when Nick asks Mrs. Granger a question about who decides what words mean. Mrs. Granger replies that people make these decisions.

The third event occurs when Nick and his friend, Janet miss their bus because they had a school meeting. On their way home, Janet finds a gold ballpoint pen. Suddenly, Nick calls it a "frindle." When he gets to class, Nick introduces the new word to Mrs. Granger and the other students by making a big deal of looking for a pen, or frindle, in class. One of the students finds one and throws it to Nick.

Nick starts a campaign to advertise for frindles. He gets help from friends and classmates to make the word frindle more popular. They ask for pens, or frindles, at stores. Although Mrs. Granger imposes a penalty of staying after school for students using the new word, more students choose to incorporate the word frindle and stay after school. The fact that Mrs. Granger opposes the use of the new word only helps the marketing for Nick’s new word. After Nick gets a big break with newspaper and television reporting, his frindle idea is a big hit and he becomes famous.

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On the day that Nick Allen came up with his big, brilliant idea, three things happened.  First, Nick and Janet had to walk home from school because they missed the bus due to a school newspaper meeting.  On the walk home, Janet found a fancy gold ballpoint pen on the ground.  Second, Nick thought about something Mrs. Granger had said to him earlier.  She had told him that people give words meaning. Third, Nick remembered that as a toddler, he had used the word "gwagala" to say the word "music."  His family knew that "gwagala" meant "music" when he said it.  Nick was so caught up in his thoughts that he bumped into Janet, causing her to drop the gold pen.  He bent down to pick it up.  When he handed the pen to her, he said, "here's your... frindle."  Then he got his big idea to start calling pens "frindles."

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What are three important events that led to Nick's big idea in Frindle?

Three things happened on the day that Nick Allen got his big idea.  

The first thing happened while Nick and his friend, Janet, were walking home from school.  They usually took the bus, but had stayed late at school for a meeting.  During their walk, Janet spotted a gold ballpoint pen on the ground.  

The second thing that happened during their walk was that Nick recalled what Mrs. Granger, his teacher, had told him earlier that day.  She explained to him that words were given meaning by people.  

While Nick was lost in his thoughts, he bumped into Janet.  This caused the pen they found to fall out of her hand and onto the ground.  Nick picked it up to hand it to Janet.  He spoke, but then hesitated.  "Here's your... frindle," he said to her.  From then on, Nick called pens "frindles."

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