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Chapter 7 Summary

Nick is excited about his new word. He is ready to take his plan to the next level by convincing more kids to say "frindle" instead of "pen." He knows exactly where and how he wants to get more attention for his new word.

In Mrs. Granger’s class, Nick raises his hand. “Mrs. Granger, I forgot my frindle,” he says. Before Mrs. Granger has a chance to answer, Nick’s friend John jumps in to say he has an extra one Nick can borrow. John rummages through his backpack. As he looks, he says the word "frindle" several times. When he finds a pen, he makes sure everyone in the class sees him tossing it over to Nick. Nick misses catching the pen—the frindle—on purpose, then takes his time picking it up off the floor.

By the end of this little show, everybody in the class knows that Nick and John are using a funny new word, and they also know exactly what the word means. At first the kids laugh, but Mrs. Granger glares at the room until everyone falls silent. It seems that she might yell at Nick and John, but she does not, probably because she does not want to encourage them with more attention....

(The entire section is 423 words.)