Frindle Chapter 15 Summary
by Andrew Clements

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Chapter 15 Summary

When Nick Allen is a junior in college, he turns twenty-one. He finds out about the trust fund his father set up when he was in fifth grade. Suddenly Nick has more money that he knows what to do with.

Nick gives some of his money to his parents so they can take a big trip. He gives some to his brother to set up a college savings account for his brother’s little girl. Nick also buys a computer, some games, and a bike. Then he pretty much forgets about the money and goes back to being an ordinary college student.

That fall, Nick receives a big, heavy package from Mrs. Granger. Inside the package is a brand-new dictionary, a note, and the envelope Mrs. Granger made him sign ten years ago.

Nick looks first at the note, which tells him to turn to page 541 in the dictionary. He does, and he finds an entry for "frindle." The dictionary entry even says that Nick Allen made up the word. In her note, Mrs. Granger explains that she now uses this edition of the dictionary with her students and that she tells them all to look up "frindle" when they ask how new words get added to the language.

Finally, Nick turns to the sealed letter, the one Mrs. Granger wrote at the beginning of their frindle battle ten years ago. He opens it and reads:

If you are reading this letter, it means that the word frindle has been added to the dictionary. Congratulations.

Mrs. Granger goes on to say that she really was angry when Nick first tried to replace the word "pen" with the word "frindle." After thinking it over, however, she realized that Nick had taken a good idea and put it into action in the real world. She says she is excited to see how it turns out.

Reading the letter, Nick learns that Mrs. Granger was never really against him making up a new word. She actually hoped all along that "frindle" would take off and be adopted by ordinary people. However, she knew that it might never happen unless somebody fought against it. That was the...

(The entire section is 536 words.)