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Chapter 14 Summary

After frindle mania dies down, Nick becomes a slightly different person. He still has big ideas, but now they scare him a bit.

One day in social studies, Nick learns that if people stop buying products, stores and restaurants can go out of business. It hits him that the school cafeteria is like a restaurant and that the kids have the power to make the cafeteria serve good food instead of bad food. Nick knows he can convince everyone to bring their lunch every day until the lunch ladies agree to cook better food. Nick is sure it will work, and for a moment the idea excites him.

Then Nick wonders what will happen if his cafeteria idea gets as out of control as his frindle idea did. What if everyone does what Nick wants? What if he gets in trouble? What if people write about it in the newspaper and put Nick on the news? He decides his new idea is not worth all the trouble. For the first time ever, he keeps a big plan to himself.

Nick’s mom notices that Nick is acting quieter and more subdued. She asks if everything is all right, but Nick just says things are fine. Mrs. Granger notices the change in Nick, too. She sees how much more cautious Nick is, how much less often he jokes and laughs with his friends. She wonders how...

(The entire section is 478 words.)