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Chapter 10 Summary

Judy Morgan, a reporter for the Westfield Gazette, hears about the word "frindle" from a coworker who has a daughter at Lincoln Elementary. The coworker does not really know what is going on at the school, but he thinks the kids are all using a secret code and refusing to obey teachers. Judy Morgan thinks it sounds like a good story.

One afternoon, Judy Morgan stops by Lincoln Elementary School. After taking a picture of Mrs. Granger’s note promising to punish kids who use the word "frindle," Judy Morgan asks the secretary about the word. The secretary, who is sick of the whole thing, sends the reporter to talk to the principal, Mrs. Chatham.

Mrs. Chatham tells Judy Morgan that kids are rebelling against teachers and saying the word "frindle" when they are told not to do so. When Judy Morgan points out that the word seems harmless, Mrs. Chatham seems uncomfortable. Even though she is the principal, she acts a lot like a kid who is in trouble at school. She explains that it is really only Mrs. Granger who cares about stopping kids from saying "frindle." As principal, Mrs. Chatham feels she needs to support Mrs. Granger.

After leaving Mrs. Chatham’s office, Judy Morgan goes to Mrs. Granger’s...

(The entire section is 428 words.)