Who are all the characters in Rosa Guy's The Friends?

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The main protagonist in the novel is the 14 year old West Indian immigrant Phyllisia Cathy. The members of her family are her mother, Romana (who dies of breast cancer); her violent father, Calvin; her 16 year old sister, Ruby; and her cousin Frank. The Cathys have a family friend called Mr. Charles.

Phyllisia goes to school in Harlem. Her teacher is called Miss Lass. The students include her best friend Edith Jackson, the school bully and physically mature Beulah, the quiet Carole Smith, and Phyllisia's other friend Miriam. Phyllisia goes to Edith's house where Edith introduces her to her younger sisters Bessie, Suzy, Minnie, and Ellen, as well as her older brother Randy (he also tragically dies at the age of 16).

The more minor characters are Phyllisia's love interest, Jose, and Ruby's love interest, Orlando. There is also Orlando's brother, Norman, and Miriam's parents, Mr. and Mrs Robbins.

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This is probably not a complete list of characters, but these are the main ones in Rosa Guy's teen novel The Friends.

Phyllisia Cathay, the protagonist and main character.

Ramona Cathay, Phyllisia's beautiful mother.

Beulah, the toughest girl in Phyllisia's class.

Calvin Cathay, Phyllisia's father. .

Frank Cathay, a family cousin.

Ruby Cathay, Phyllisia's sister.

Bess Jackson, Edith's sister.

Edith Jackson, Phyllisia's friend.

Ellen Jackson, Edith's youngest sister.

Minnie Jackson, Edith's seven-year-old sister.

Mr. Jackson, Edith's father. 

Randy Jackson, Edith's brother.

Suzy Jackson, Edith's eight-year-old sister.

José, a good-looking boy whom Phyllisia kisses. 

Miss Lass, Phyllisia's teacher.

Norman, a boy who flirts with Phyllisia.

Orlando, Norman's brother. 

Miriam Robbins, a classmate of Phyllisia's.

Mrs. Robbins, Miriam's mother. 

Carole Smith, a classmate of Phyllisia's.

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