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Tyrone O'Shaughnessy Tierwater is the main character in the novel. He's a 75-year-old man looking back at his life as an environmental activist, husband, and father. When his estranged wife calls him, he starts to remember the past. He remembers losing his first wife, losing his daughter to his activism, getting her back, and losing her again to an early death. He works as a caretaker to endangered animals as an elderly man. Eventually, he leaves the estate with his second wife and goes to live back in the woods.

Jane Tierwater is Ty's first wife and Sierra's mother. She dies after being stung by a bee in the forest.

Sierra Tierwater is Ty's daughter. She's taken away when a protest turns into child endangerment. Ty and Andrea get her back and live in isolation until Ty turns himself in and goes to prison. Later, Sierra is a vegan and radical activist who lives in a redwood tree. She dies in her 20s when she falls out of the tree.

Andrea Tierwater is Ty's second wife. She gets him involved in the fringe environmental group called Earth First! and protests with him. She was very much in the spotlight for her environmental work and encourages Ty to turn himself in after they take Sierra back from foster care. She reunites with Ty at the end of the novel when they leave the estate with the last Patagonian fox and go to live in a cabin in the woods as husband and wife.

Malclovio Pulchris is a former rock star who keeps endangered animals on his estate in Santa Barbara where Ty works as a caretaker.

Chuy works with Ty to take care of the animals at Pulchris's home.

Teo Van Sparks is an activist and member of Earth First!. He is involved in the protest where Ty loses custody of Sierra.

April Wind is a writer who wants to memorialize Sierra.