The French Lieutenant's Woman Chapters 53-56 Summary

John Fowles

Chapters 53-56 Summary

Dr. Grogan visits Charles. He has promised Mrs. Tranter that he will give Charles a verbal thrashing. The doctor is indeed angry with Charles but not on a philosophical level. Dr. Grogan is a worldly man who has read the best literary, philosophical, and scientific works of his day. He understands that the Victorian society is stifling human nature and needs to be reformed. However, on a personal level, he is angry that Ernestina has been hurt.

In his defense, Charles tells Grogan that Sarah is not the woman Grogan described. She is not an evil woman. He also informs the doctor that he plans on marrying her. Grogan reluctantly agrees with Charles that he can do no other than he has already done. If he is truly not in...

(The entire section is 601 words.)