The French Lieutenant's Woman Chapters 50-52 Summary

John Fowles

Chapters 50-52 Summary

Charles has arrived at Mrs. Tranter’s house and is prepared to tell Ernestina his news. On his way over, he practiced his speech. When he is alone with Ernestina, he begins by saying he is not worthy of her. He tells her that though he had not consciously done so, he has recently realized that he was marrying her not for love but for her money. It was his visit with her father that brought this to light. She is beautiful and pleasant and would make a wonderful wife, but his affections for her are not love.

This news shocks Ernestina at first, but she is in a state of denial. Maybe the engagement could be saved. Maybe what Charles is saying is not as serious as she had thought. She tells him that she can change. She...

(The entire section is 695 words.)