The French Lieutenant's Woman Chapters 40-42 Summary

John Fowles

Chapters 40-42 Summary

Charles is very drunk and has decided to go to bed with the prostitute. He follows her to her room and waits by the fire while she goes into the next room. When she returns, she tells him she has a baby girl but the child will be quiet. Then she undresses and eventually leads him to bed.

Charles is physically aroused as he comes near her. However, he is also fighting nausea. He is able to hold it back until he asks her name. The prostitute replies, “Sarah.” At this, Charles can no longer control the spasms in his stomach and pukes all over the pillow.

The next chapter finds Charles at his London home. Sam and a kitchen maid are discussing the recent strange changes in Charles’s behavior. The maid says...

(The entire section is 596 words.)