The French Lieutenant's Woman Chapters 30-33 Summary

John Fowles

Chapters 30-33 Summary

The story shifts back in time to the day Mrs. Poulteney dismissed Sarah. Mrs. Fairley called for Sarah to tell her that Mrs. Poulteney was waiting for her and wanted to see her immediately. Mrs. Fairley had never liked Sarah or the favors she received from Mrs. Poulteney. Mrs. Fairley had always been jealous of Sarah and was relishing witnessing Sarah’s punishment and subsequent departure. When Sarah enters the room where Mrs. Poulteney is waiting for her, Mrs. Fairley closes the door and stands on the other side so she can eavesdrop.

Mrs. Poulteney is unusually quiet; she takes her time to say what she must. After a long delay, Mrs. Poulteney points to an envelope and tells Sarah that inside are her wages for the...

(The entire section is 553 words.)